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More new music

I’ve created a SoundCloud account, and I’ve been posting both old and new music there. Here is my second piece of music, after the year of silence:

The Princess in Winter

More to come as 2015 continues!

Weekly music 2012-10-29

Weekly music 2012-10-22

The solo ukulele Christmas CD is finally finished!

It’s been a long and interesting road since I recorded this music last December, but the physical CD is finally available for purchase from my store. :)

As mentioned in the video above, you can listen to the entire album, or watch me play the pieces on my solo ukulele YouTube channel.

Note that if you pre-ordered a copy last year, I’ll contact you to confirm that the address where I sent your prerelease copy is the same address you want your “real” copy shipped to.

Live music 2012-10-15

Sadly, my experience with Google Hangouts On Air was fairly dismal. I’ll be trying something else next week.

Live music 2012-10-08

Let me know if there’s something you’d like to hear next week!

Live music 2012-10-01

Here’s the archive of this week’s broadcast. See you next Monday!

Live music 2012-09-24

Here is the archive from my 2012-09-24 broadcast. Thanks to everyone who “tuned in”!

Live music starts next Monday

Beginning on Monday, September 24th, at 6:45pm (Central time) I will be broadcasting music live every week right here on my web site. I’ve spent today setting up infrastructure to make this happen. Should be fun – hope you can “be there” :)