1. Hey, just wanted to tell you thanks. My family and I came to watch Monroe Crossing at the Edge Center this evening. They have seen you on 2 other occasions and have had me listen to some of the groups CD’s as well. (They figured I needed to see you play in person) I’ve been tinkering with my banjo for a few years now. Still can’t read banjo music, but I can play part of Dueling Banjos lol hence the request for it….amazing job btw. Well I do believe I’ve chewed enough at your ear. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Krystal,

    Thanks for coming to see the band, and for stopping by my web site (and of course for being complimentary). I’m not much good at reading any kind of written banjo notation either, although I’m thinking about putting out a book of tablature for the tunes on my new solo banjo CD, which would improve my familiarity with such systems.



  3. Lol….compliments are given when needed…lol…good music leaves an imprint on the soul. Extraordinary job on carol of the bells as well. Keep at it…..

  4. Benji –

    I love your playing and especially enjoyed hearing “Carol of the Bells” on New Year’s Eve. I hope you record it one day.


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