1. Hi Benji,
    Nice performance last night in Duluth – you were fantastic. As an aspiring banjo picker it is a real treat to get to see somebody as talented as you up close (I was in the front row)!

    I am ordering your CD today.

  2. Hi Benji,
    I really enjoyed your solo banjo performance at The Grand in Northfield last night. Obviously, everyone else did too! I just ordered your CD to hear more. With your many talents and interests, it will be interesting to watch your career path continue to unfold. The best of luck to you.

  3. I really enjoyed hearing this! I like the mellow style of your solo banjo performance.

  4. i enjoy the simplicity of the video, its very easy on the eyes, not to mention the sound! by the by my hangout doesn’t work any more, the username is now Dsus2

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