1. I imagine you are pondering how the new configuration of Monroe Crossing will sound– I guess I can’t imagine any other group of five will have the same dynamic but the present one is so incredible and I feel sad for me as I have felt so connected to what you are together. We won’t be able to see the last performances with Art and will be so anticipating the regroup. Thanks for your super talent and new ventures too. Merry Christmas

    1. Merry Christmas to you as well! The new configuration will definitely have a “different” sound, but I share the band’s confidence that it will be a very good sound, nonetheless. Thanks for listening! See you somewhere down the road….

  2. Loved catching your Monroe Crossing Christmas performance in Fergus–great performance, great venue, great sound. Thanks for getting Maggie and me in the Christmas Spirit!
    Just played your You Tube “Silent Night” arrangement. Being a banjoist myself, I’m intrigued by your tuning. Sounds like you’re in the key of F. BTW, I’m playing this piece Fri night at church Christmas Eve service on my trusty Guild 12-string. As you likely know, this song was written on the guitar because the church organ was broken. It was first performed in Germany in 1818 at Christmas Mass by composer Franz Gruber (any relation to Luke, Dale and Hannah?) and priest, Josef Mohr, the writer of the poem, “Stille Nacht”.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes, Howie Jorgenson, Fargo

    1. Hi Howie,

      It was fun to see you guys!

      The tuning for the “Silent Night” arrangement is my “default” solo banjo tuning: FAFCD. The 2nd string goes up to a C, the 3rd and 5th strings go down to F, and the 4th string drops all the way down to an A. I use heavier-than-usual strings to make it easier to intonate properly. I’ll be adding a “tunings” page to my solobanjo.com web site in the next month or two.

      Thanks for the background info on the origins of “Silent Night” – I’d been quite unaware, and I found it enlightening!

      Happy New Year!

      – Benji

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