Double-C tuning (GCGCD)

This tuning has long been a favorite of old-time banjoists. To get there from the “open G” tuning used for most bluegrass banjo, just drop the 4th string down two half-steps from a D to a C, and raise the 2nd string up one half-step from a B to a C.

This was also the first tuning that I used for solo banjo composition. I don’t use it often anymore, because it lacks the low bass notes of the tunings I prefer now, but it’s still a lot of fun to work with.

The following videos use double-c tuning:

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  1. Beautiful rendition of “Northern Sunrise.” Ended up here seeking info on “Double C” tuning and WHAT good fortune.

    Also a BEAUTIFUL banjo: What kind? (Custom made?) Have a Deering Sierra, but as am more so working on
    claw hammer now looking for an open back with the “old time” sound.

    Cheers and BLESSINGS,
    Edward Kosky (USNA ’68) = OFFICIAL old guy.

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