Video – High Above the Hills

Last night I tracked down the video camera, power adapter, tripod, and blank tape, and made a quick-and-dirty recording of one of my favorite solo banjo pieces. It was at that point that I discovered that the Firewire cables I had were all the wrong type to connect the camera to my laptop (and I’d moved my desktop machine to the studio a month or two ago). A quick trip to Micro Center today sorted that out, so here’s the video:

Freedom of improvisation is one of my favorite things about playing solo material. Sometimes, it’s fun to choose just the first couple of notes you are going to play, decide how fast you are going to play them, and then see where the melody wants to go from there.

It was during these improvisational pieces that the melody in this video kept appearing. It became one of my favorite things to play, both alone and with other musicians. Last year, during the Bell Buckle Music Cruise (in the Caribean, no less) a couple dear friends of mine wrote some beautiful lyrics for this, which also furnished the tune with the title “High Above the Hills”.

This will, of course, be on my forthcoming solo banjo CD. 🙂

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  1. Love and miss you Benj! If wishes were horses…and all that, we wish we could have seen you at least one last time before our move out here to the East Coast, but…it just wasn’t in the cards. I hope and pray you are doing well, hanging in there, and knowing you have friends who can’t wait to see you again, and can’t wait to FINALLY get a CD of your playing!

    Nicki & Dusty

  2. Beautiful.

    I’ve been considering buying a banjo for a few years now. This video inspired me to buy one right away.

    Is there tablature available for this song?

    Regards from Staten Island,

  3. Joe,

    I’m flattered to have had such an impact. I don’t currently have tablature for any of my tunes, but I’ve been considering making a book with the tablature for my upcoming solo banjo CD (which would include this tune). Your expression of interest, of course, has increased the likelihood that I will create said book. 🙂


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