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A great week at IBMA for Monroe Crossing

Last week found the band in Nashville, TN for the International Bluegrass Music Association’s annual World of Bluegrass week, which consists of a Monday-Thursday business conference, an award show on Thursday evening, and an indoor bluegrass festival over the weekend.

I’ve been attending this event each year since 1997, even during the many years when I wasn’t playing bluegrass music. One of many things which make the the bluegrass music industry so unique, is that it is populated almost entirely by good, honest, sincere people. I’ve made many very dear friends at IBMA, and I continue to make new ones each year. It becomes a bit like summer camp after the first couple of years. ;)

This particular year was probably both the busiest and the best that I’ve experienced so far. Monroe Crossing had 10 “after-hours” showcases this year, which were consistently well-received. Many new doors seem to be opening for us, including the possibility of a European tour.

As always, please stop by Monroe Crossing’s schedule page and enter your zip code to see whether we’re going to be in your area any time soon.

(Archived blog post from 2008-10-08)

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