Benji Flaming


2024, February, 10th

My Life as a Tree

2023, May, 18th

Enhancing the website

2023, February, 21st

Gumroad store

2019, August, 31st

Another day, another web server

2015, January, 20th

More new music

2012, October, 15th

Live music 2012-10-15

2012, September, 3rd

Preview my upcoming CD

2011, July, 7th

New vlog channel

2011, April, 5th

My New and Improving web site

2010, December, 15th

25 CD giveaway

2010, June, 9th

Getting rid of Google’s new background image

2010, January, 19th

New e-mail list

2009, December, 4th

More ways to get the solo banjo CD

2009, November, 30th

The wait is over!

2009, November, 30th

The solo banjo CD has arrived....

2009, November, 27th

Just a few more days....

2009, October, 14th

New site:

2009, October, 14th


2009, September, 21st

Solo banjo CD forthcoming....

2009, July, 19th

Solo banjo CD available September 22nd

2009, May, 14th


2009, May, 14th

Ah, spring!

2009, January, 22nd

Solo banjo CD update, etc.

2008, October, 8th

Tinara marches forward

2008, October, 8th

A great week at IBMA for Monroe Crossing

2008, September, 11th

A new beginning

2007, October, 24th

25 thoughts from Benji

2007, October, 5th

Another long-delayed update

2006, November, 13th

Bluegrass Tribute to Audioslave

2006, October, 9th

Alpha release getting closer

2006, September, 12th

Tinara reimplementation begins

2005, October, 7th

Post-September Tinara update

2005, September, 5th

SCons, wxWidgets, ROADMAP, and XRC

2005, August, 27th

Tinara project update

2005, May, 28th

Tinara development continues

2004, June, 30th

Upcoming performance

2003, October, 13th

Yep – I’m still here

2001, March, 17th

A great year, and a new band

2000, March, 16th

Slowing down at The Acadia

1999, December, 21st

A great year and a new gig

1998, November, 24th

Sound files

1998, October, 27th

Calming down

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