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Tinara marches forward

Life has finally calmed down enough for me to resume work on Tinara – my media production software. Recently, I have made remarkable progress, due to some significant changes in Tinara’s development roadmap and toolchain:

After about a week of tinkering, I was able to produce a working 8-track player (no recording yet) on my N810:

At the time of writing, the current code in the subversion repository is broken, and I’ll need to do some diagnostic work regarding the nuances of scope in Python modules and GTK+ signal handlers, but it should be a relatively short road to a fully-functional multi-track recorder. More advanced audio editing and processing features won’t be far behind, thanks to the Gnonlin plug-ins for GStreamer, and video editing on more powerful platforms should be relatively easy to implement, since GStreamer is equally adept at both audio and video.

(Archived blog post from 2008-10-08)

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