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Solo banjo CD update, etc.

With the weather in Minnesota being such as it is, I’m immensely grateful that Monroe Crossing is spending some time in warmer places. After a 2-week break in the beginning of January, we drove down to Florida, for our third time on the Bell Buckle Music Cruise. We’ll be getting off the ship (Carnival Cruise Line’s “Inspiration”) in just a few hours, after which we’ll continue with a series of southern shows – which will keep us out of Minnesota’s harsh winter until mid-February (by which time, one might hope, things may begin to warm up just a bit).

A warm greeting to any of my fellow passengers, who may have found their way to this news item because of my performance (or Monroe Crossing’s performance) during the ship’s “talent/variety show” on Monday night. As usual, I neglected to mention my web site, but I expect that anyone who is truly interested in the music will be able to find their way here somehow.

When I return home, I’ll resume recording my solo banjo CD – a process which is nearly halfway complete. It is my plan to finish the album artwork while I am still on the road, so that the CD can be duplicated and ready for full release in March (with limited prerelease copies being created by-hand in February). If nothing else, I’ll certainly be posting more videos to my YouTube channel over the next month.

Thanks for reading!

(Archived blog post from 2009-01-22)

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