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Another day, another web server

This web site has finally been migrated to a new server – an upgrade which was long overdue, and I also took the opportunity to give it a bit of a facelift. It’s still based on [cringe] PHP and [gag] WordPress, but if it wasn’t based on tech that I find utterly gross, I’d be far too tempted to spend all my time tinkering with the infrastructure.

(I’ve spent most of my web development time over the past few years building industrial control and automation applications on top of Sinatra, or directly on top of Rack, for my little tech startup.)

There were a number of comments which had slipped through the cracks because the old server failed to notify me about them, so a handful of people might receive reply notifications from questions that they asked several years go.

I’m in the process of updating my online presence across various website and social media channels, and am preparing to launch a Patreon, and a new email list. It’s time for me to start making instrumental music again!

(Archived blog post from 2019-08-31)

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