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SCons, wxWidgets, ROADMAP, and XRC


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I spent over 25 cumulative hours last week coaxing SCons and wxWidgets to cooperate under Windows. Now that this goal has been reached, Tinara should be able (in most cases) to use exactly the same source code and build system without modification on both platforms.

I also revisited the ROADMAP file (in the docs/ directory of the `tinara’ CVS module). I rewrote it from scratch, and I now feel that I have a fairly accurate reference for the amount of work required before an alpha release. As for a timeline, my current guess is roughly one year.

I’m in the process of switching over to dynamically-loaded XRC files for the GUI. The trouble is, XRCed and wxGlade (the only FOSS XRC editors I can find) both segfault when trying to load a previously-saved XRC file. I’ll probably end up writing a minimal XRC editor in C++ – I don’t want to ask other developers to go through the nightmare of trying to get wxPython built and working properly. For now, I’ll generate a starting XRC file with XRCed, and tweak it by hand as-needed.

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