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Development has proceeded rapidly since the recent design modifications and the changeover to Ruby as the primary language. Currently, multiple instances of Tinara’s components (interface, core, and renderer) can be run across multiple machines via TCP sockets. The core loads a rendering tree from disk upon startup, and keeps the on-disk copy up-to-date with any changes to environments or objects.

The next step will be the introduction of basic numeric data types into the rendering engine. This will allow tests to be performed, simple rendering agents to be developed, and the core of the cache system to be implemented.

After that, work on the audio output and graphical interface features can begin. A simple demo “song”, using oscillators as sound sources, can be created, and a demo release could be made (the graphical interface would, at that point, consist of little more than a window with start/stop/rewind buttons).

For a slightly longer and more detailed roadmap of current development/release plans, see the doc/brain_dumps file in the SVN repository:

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