Solo banjo CD update, etc.

With the weather in Minnesota being such as it is, I’m immensely grateful that Monroe Crossing is spending some time in warmer places. After a 2-week break in the beginning of January, we drove down to Florida, for our third time on the Bell Buckle Music Cruise. We’ll be getting off the ship (Carnival Cruise Line’s “Inspiration”) in just a few hours, after which we’ll continue with a series of southern shows – which will keep us out of Minnesota’s harsh winter until mid-February (by which time, one might hope, things may begin to warm up just a bit).

A warm greeting to any of my fellow passengers, who may have found their way to this news item because of my performance (or Monroe Crossing’s performance) during the ship’s “talent/variety show” on Monday night. As usual, I neglected to mention my web site, but I expect that anyone who is truly interested in the music will be able to find their way here somehow.

When I return home, I’ll resume recording my solo banjo CD – a process which is nearly halfway complete. It is my plan to finish the album artwork while I am still on the road, so that the CD can be duplicated and ready for full release in March (with limited prerelease copies being created by-hand in February). If nothing else, I’ll certainly be posting more videos to my YouTube channel over the next month.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Dear Benji,

    We arrived home to the frozen Red River Valley of Minnesota about 9 pm last evening. We wanted you (and the other members of Monroe Crossing ) how much we enjoyed your music and the cruise in general.

    It was a privilege to meet you and your Mom as well as the rest of the folks known as Monroe Crossing. Your comment on quietness and the noise of our world will stick with me!

    As soon as we got settled I looked up your web site this AM. What a special source it is.

    I am very interested in the banjo as an instument and banjo music, perhaps due to my Dad’s enjoyment of the instrument and my loss of both him and his banjo during a time that I should have been paying more attention to both.

    We pray that your southern trip will be a good one and you have time to enjoy the warm weather. We had the pleasure of traveling home with Bea and Mark & LIsa’s family and all went well.

    This site will be among our favorites.

    Terry and Mary Boldingh

    1. Terry & Mary,

      Nice to hear from you! So glad you enjoyed the cruise – thanks for joining us!

      The southern tour has been a lot of fun – aside from the ice storms we experienced initially. I’m currently sitting on the balcony, listening to the ocean, at a resort in Panama City Beach, Florida, where I’m staying with Matt & Denise (and their son Luke) for a few days of “down time” between shows.

      See you back in MN sometime. 🙂


  2. Benji,
    We were on a family reunion cruise, on the Inspiration, and our family was pleased to run into you and “your bluegrass family”. We all spent alot of time trying to view as many performances or practices that we could. To have a cruise with the this small bluegrass family was great- besides you all did not wear red hats and purple outfits everyday- (inside cruise joke). Your band, as well as a couple of others, have a new group of fans. Keep going strong and thanks for the performances .

    Doug and Melissa Ordak

    1. Doug & Melissa,

      Thanks for writing! It was a wonderful surprise that we got the opportunity to share our music with so many of our fellow passengers this year. I hope you’ll come see us again somewhere down the road.


  3. Hi Benji,

    It was great hanging out at Wintergrass last weekend. Thanks for checking out our show. Hope you like the CDs. I’ve enjoyed listening to your stuff here. Feel free to send me an email when you get a chance.

    I might be doing some cabaret in the next month or so and I’m thinking of incorporating a loop station into a composition. If it works out I’ll pass along a recording.



  4. Hi Brad!

    Indeed, I hope we get a chance to hang out again in the not-too-terribly-distant future. The band doesn’t get out your way as often as we’d like yet, but that’s starting to change. In the meantime, I’ve added you guys to my front page’s freshly-revised list of “Who I’m listening to lately” links. 🙂


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