Benji Flaming

Beyond the Waves (single)

In October of 2019, I had to leave my final tour with Good Morning Bedlam a few weeks early, due to a finger injury. Back at home, while taking a break from stringed instruments (so my fingertip could heal), I found myself reexploring my original roots as a self-taught keyboardist, and started writing a solo piano piece.

After a week or two, I posted a work-in-progress version. Here is an excerpt:

The full work-in-progress track is available to my supporters on Ko-Fi or Patreon.

The piece continued to grow and evolve, and a couple of months later I considered it finished. After that, it took me more than three years to get around to releasing it, but here’s the result:

(Archived music post from 2023-05-31)

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