Benji Flaming

Waltz fragment: Despair (2nd version)

It’s been an interesting challenge to find the right voices for this piece. Currently, it is focused around harp and cimbalom, with other elements entering partway through.

I’ll need to extend the arrangement a bit (it is currently only half the length of the solo piano version), but I’ll also want to do some fine-tuning of the interplay between the two primary voices. Most of the cimbalom part consists only of the original piano bassline, which isn’t particularly idiomatic for this instrument, and I’d like to give it a bit more character.

I’ll probably continue the process of creating ensemble adaptations of the other pieces first, however, so that I can freely shift my attention between various ensemble pieces as the album develops.

The full work-in-progress track is available to my supporters on Ko-Fi or Patreon.

(Archived work-in-progress post from 2024-01-04)

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